Reducing maltreatment across Texas will take coordinated efforts across agencies and organization. Achieving this coordination requires an agreed upon understanding of the risks that a community hold. These maps and risk profiles give communities that common language of risk and provide insight as to where organization can start to work together to support their communities and reduce maltreatment.

These maps draw on data from five different sources and provide an overview of community-level risk for maltreatment.

How to use the data API

The maltreatment risk API allows you to get all the data visualized on this website using code that you might be able to perform on your data analysis software, a website or a mobile application. Our API can return data in CSV or JSON formats.

The API endpoint for the maltreatment risk data at a specific ZIP code or county is:

https://texashealthdata.com/api/maltreatment/{data type}/{year}/{geography}/{query}

Data type
To download the data in CSV format use csv.
To download the data in JSON format use json.
Note: you can query multiple ZIP codes or counties by separating them using comma. This feature is currently only available in CSV format.

Enter the year of data you need. It can be any year between 2016 to 2019.

To query a Texas county use cty as geography.
To query a Texas ZIP code, use zip.

Endpoint Examples:

CSV format for Travis & Bexar counties in 2018:


JSON format for 78702 in 2019:



Introduction to the 2019 Texas Maltreatment Risk Maps

Deep dive into the 2019 Texas Maltreatment Risk Maps


To request the full predicted maltreatment risk score data set or map layers for your modeling software, email us at txsafebabies@utsystem.edu.

This project is a collaboration between Department of Family & Protective Services, UT Tyler Health Science Center, and University of Texas System Population Health.

Suggested citation:
Mandell, D.J., O’Neil, M., & Karimifar, M. (2021). Maltreatment Risk in Texas, 2019. Austin, TX: University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center & University of Texas System Administration. https://www.maltreatment-risk.txsafebabies.org/